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Adobe Photoshop 9.0
Adobe Illustrator 12.0
Adobe Indesign 4.0

Image Format
Native Photoshop
Native Illustrator

Halftone: 300dpi
Line Work: 600dpi

Screen Values
Maximum LPI: 150
Minimum LPI: 85
Maximum Dot Size: 95%
Minimum Dot Size: 4%

Line Thickness
Minimum: .5 pt

Type Size
Minimum: 4 pt
Minimum Reverse Print*: 8 pt
(* San Serif Type only)
Logo & Artwork Pre-Press Specifications

Please create all text in a vector based program, or if using Photoshop, on a type
layer. Raster based type will yield poor results. Please outline all fonts within the
original electronic art. Use Postscript fonts from the Adobe Font Folio. Please do
not use True Type fonts. All True Type fonts will be substituted with Postscript
fonts, at the discretion of Thermal Ticket Graphics. Please limit reverse printed
type to Sans Serif typefaces.  

Parameters for Saving Art
Preferred methods for saving artwork are ...
1. Raster-based art should be saved as a Photoshop document (.psd).
2. Vector based art should be saved as an Illustrator document (.ai).
3. Save as a PDF document using the 'High quality print' option.
4. Save as an .eps file.
5. Save as a .tif file.

To avoid any problems or delays, items 1, 2 & 3 are the most preferred methods
of saving documents. Please make sure all embedded images are CMYK, are at
least 300 ppi, and are placed at 100%. If your artwork is not in one of the above
formats, please call us at the above toll free number for further assistance.  

When sending artwork via overnight carrier, please forward to:

Thermal Ticket Graphics, Inc.
Art Department
2109 Southwest 13th Court
Delray Beach FL 33445-6214
Thermal Ticket Graphics, Inc.  All Rights Reserved, 2011